As a leader, your words are powerful. Framing is simply intentionally choosing words to set your listener’s expectations.

Leaders too often say things that send the wrong message and unintentionally bring up topics that distract their teams. I can most certainly plead guilty to this. I have committed that sin more than I care to remember.

However, what I have learned in the process is to prepare. And then prepare some more.
There is no substitute for lack of preparation. Here is a challenge for

  • Did you intentionally prepare what you wanted to say before your last difficult conversation or meeting?

I have found that every syllable that comes out of my mouth will be noticed and scrutinized. Wow—that is one of the prices we pay for being a leader.

The secret is knowing what language will convey your intended message so that your meaning is evident and unforgettable. Your people will act or fail to produce based on your chosen language.

We must remember that every word has a meaning, evokes images and ideas, and reminds people of their experiences and values.

Try this on:
FRAME = understanding your listeners’ attitudes + intentional word choice = your listeners focused on your message.

This is not easy – prepare ahead of time; that is your best shot to communicate