I recently reviewed my journals and thought I would share some truths I jotted down. My intention is that you may find something here that will help you MAKE TODAY YOUR MASTERPIECE.

  • “I must keep investing in my top 20% and give them disproportionate time and energy.”
  • “I must remember not to confuse busyness with results. There is no substitute for results. That is what separates a leader.”
  • “People will support what they help create. Put them in the vision and mission and tell them where they contribute.”
  • “If I don’t like change, I will like irrelevance less.”
  • “I must own the culture and recruit some culture carriers.”
  • “I will commit to lifelong learning. Improving and getting better is not an option. It is lived out daily.”
  • “I have to define and declare what I stand for clearly, or I stand for nothing by default.”
  • “I must realize if nothing changes –then nothing changes. As I leader, I am a change agent.”
  • “I will accept setbacks—only as a setup for the comeback.”
  • “The true measure of my leadership is how people perform when I’m not around.”

Hopefully, you found a nugget or two.