Webster’s new world dictionary defines excellence as superiority, excellent as an adjective is first in class, highest grade, best, obtainable, or distinctive.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if you are a bus boy, bank teller, flight attendant, school teacher, administrative assistant, or a busy executive; excellence is a choice. However, when you wear the hat of a leader (a person who can influence another), you have no choice. Meaningful, sustainable impact and change can only come from a leader committed to excellence.

I believe in the above context; excellence is when you intentionally use all the available resources to create a positive change in whatever you are engaged in. After all, who wants to be average? To make a sustainable impact, average is not an option. Let’s be intentional about the excellence of our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Excellence is what shows up on the other side of you. It could be for your boss, teammate, client, customer, etc. Providing excellence is being consistent, paying attention to details, having a servant mindset, and delivering the best product and service you can with what you have in resources. Be intentional about getting better.

Let’s commit to declaring a war on average — excellence is a choice.