As leaders we strive to have a productive environment. An environment that provides growth opportunities, challenges, recognition and encouragement. Certainly these are characteristics of a productive growth-oriented organization. As a leader you play a critical role in influencing productivity. I have learned there are three factors that influence productivity.

To the degree that YOU sincerely believe that they can achieve higher performance.
To the degree that THEY believe YOU believe that.
To the degree there is mutual trust and respect between you and them.

Machines are easier to understand than people. They operate typically in predictable, predetermined ways. Guess what? People don’t. People have emotions, feelings and internal beliefs that trigger responses and motivate behavior. In fact studies have shown that people are generally 15% logical, and 85% emotional.

We live in a logical, linear, need to measure world. As leaders, we are naturally results-oriented. So it is easy to dismiss the 85% of warm and fuzzy soft stuff. We can be blinded by its power in developing and coaching people.

Business expert and author Tom Peters said it best, “Never underestimate the power of the personal touch.” Remember to stay connected to your people, in particular your best.