Hopefully we will have no argument with the following statement: the most important asset we have is our people.

We may be business builders, but I am reminding all of us that we must first be people builders — they will grow the business. 

There is no doubt that people development and effective coaching takes time. Our busy schedules and pressing matters can contribute to dismissing people development. Our leadership team and top performers are the most important assets we have. Therefore, investing time with them would be a good investment. 

Here is what I have found, coaching and mentoring another person is about changing their thinking. When you change thinking you change beliefs. When you change beliefs, you change expectations.  When you change expectations, you change attitudes. When you change attitudes, you can change behavior. When behavior is changed, you change performance, and when you change performance, you can change a life!  So there it is gang, you have the opportunity to become the Leader of the Life Changer. I’d say you should go for it.