As leaders we know how important it is to track results. Without results, we have no business.

What I know to be true is to get, and keep the “ball rolling” we need the right kind of action — action that drives results.

To be clear, I’m not referring to our people being busy — or looking busy, but rather, are they doing the right actions that drive results?

For example, we have metrics—take sales, we measure sales results. Obviously we need new business, growing market share etc., but, they don’t necessarily drive success — they only measure results.

What we must have is accountability that drives results. Said another way, when coaching your people, and when reviewing their list of the activities they can control, help them identify the ones that actually affect the outcomes you want. It is easy to get pulled into the, “I’m too busy” trap.

Don’t count the score, count the behaviors that run up the score. A good reminder for all of us, what get’s the attention and focus are the things that get done.