We have adversity — now what?

It is true, many businesses are still moving through difficult and challenging times. For the most part, they can’t control external factors like supply chain issues, labor shortages, proposed mandates, and so much more. I certainly don’t intend to make light of these times, this is serious stuff we are dealing with, but as leaders, it’s not supposed to be easy, and it’s our job to grow from these circumstances.

Equally serious as the current state of affairs, is our mindset and behavior. Oftentimes leadership is best learned, or honed through adversity. Recently, I read an article where former GE chairman and legendary leader, Jack Welch was asked, “What does it take to have a great company?” His response, “It takes major setbacks and overcoming those. Every setback is a set-up for the comeback.”

As leaders, we own the comeback — it is our job to re-examine our systems, our operations, our team members, and our strategy. What needs to be altered? As leaders, we are the change agents, and there is no better time than the present to see what we can do differently to ensure we’re doing right by our people, company, and clients.