A few years ago, Gallup conducted an international study where workers were polled, and 58% of them said they trust a stranger more than their boss. Wow, that hurts. What leader does not want to be trusted in the workplace? After all, if we have no trust, there is no relationship. Trust is the currency paid.

This is what I have learned to be true:

  • Trust rules your personal credibility
  • Trust rules your ability to get things done
  • Trust rules your team’s cohesiveness
  • Trust rules your organization’s innovation and performance
  • Trust rules your brand image
  • Trust rules just about everything you do

When the dust all clears, getting people to work together begins with building mutual trust. Before asking for trust from others, you must demonstrate trust in them. That may require vulnerability on your part. Share your values, wants, hopes, and what you are willing and not willing to do. As leaders we need to be consistent in our actions, forthright, candid and clearly communicate.

This may be a good time to test our trust meter. Let’s remember trust rules.