The ability to work with people is important; understanding people is critical.

Over the years I have learned some beliefs about people that have proven helpful in the process of developing them and their leadership. Below are some beliefs:

  • People have untapped potential, when discovered, they can significantly increase their productivity
  • People produce more when their leaders respect them and expect the best from them
  • People will generally produce more when they feel the role they play ( job), has meaning and they are valued in the big picture.
  • People generally want to do the right thing, a feel good thing
  • When you express a positive belief in people, it is likely to produce a reciprocity, they want to do their best for you
  • Listen to people without biases– not always agreement, simply placing value on them as a person
  • Take the role of the other person–how do they see things vs. how I see things (empathy, in their shoes)
  • Listen with your eyes and feelings–not just the words, their tone, gestures, body language, their energy

The bottom line is, your people are thinking, “if you don’t understand me, how can you lead me?”

Let’s all get intentional on understanding the peeps. Go for it!