Let me ask you a question, “Did you get here alone?  Are you really self-made?”  Probably not. Am I right?  Whatever we have accomplished up to this point in life, it’s likely the result of someone helping guide you. It may have been a coach, a boss, a co-worker, teacher or a parent — and maybe several people.

As leaders, we make investments and decisions on a daily basis. When we decide to invest our time in mentoring someone, we expand the enterprise, we help move it forward. 

In the book, “The Leadership Challenge,” authors Kouzes and Pozner state “Leaders are pioneers; they guide us to new and often unfamiliar destinations.  Leaders move us forward.”

The positive result of mentoring is PEOPLE GROWTH.  And of course we know PEOPLE GROWTH=BUSINESS GROWTH

Are you mentoring someone? I know someone is waiting.