ARE YOU CONVICTED? As leaders we need to form the habit of conviction. This is essential for us to be a change agent. If ignored it can destroy quickly. I have learned every person of influence will face a moment or moments when they will be tempted to compromise their integrity. How many stories have we read or heard about people in government, business, clergy where their lives (and those they love) have been destroyed as a result of compromise.

A mentor of mine had a mantra that became sticky to me, “Their is no right way to do a wrong thing.”  Please let that sink in. The habit of conviction always means doing what is right — not what is easy. Oh by the way, a warning, the further you go up, the higher you climb on your leadership journey, the harder it gets.

The first step in developing the habit of conviction is to identify one’s convictions. What do you stand for? What hills will you die on? What is not for sale or non-negotiable? We need to remember — our reputation is not for sale. It is our responsibility to protect. It takes years to build but only a few seconds to lose. Bottom line– our best friend is our convictions, when they are lost, the enemy appears–bad things happen.