Last week I quoted George Washington Carver and shared the impact his quote can have on you as a leader. Today allow me to briefly share some of the benefits of having a clearly defined intentional purpose for your world. I’m sure there are many more, here are some I have experienced.

  • PURPOSE will serve as a motivator. When your purpose is visceral you are compelled to honor it.
  • PURPOSE is ALWAYS about others. It is about your impact, and your influence in another person’s life. Never about you.
  • PURPOSE will serve as your GPS. It will help you keep your priorities straight and keep you on the right path.
  • PURPOSE will help you grow and develop. As you live out your purpose you continually learn and grow daily.
  • PURPOSE can serve as a scorecard. How well you are doing on your decision-making? Did your decisions go through the filter of your purpose?

It has been my intention to remind us of the importance of having a clear picture of your your purpose. All the best to you as you live out your purpose.