It’s really simple, when we take on the role of a leader, we implicitly acknowledged we are the Chief Communication Officer, or the CCO. Communication is at the core of our leadership.

Author John Hamm in his book, “Unusually Excellent,” states, “Communication is to an organization is like water is to a garden, it keeps things vital, growing and healthy.”  What leader does not want an organization that is vital, growing and healthy? He further points out, “Our people are like the plants — if they are neglected they show signs of drought early and live in distress until we return them to a hydrated state.”

This is an excellent illustration for us to ponder. When we are effectively communicating we open doors for increased productivity and effectiveness. The bottom line is we cannot overcommunicate.  

Our people want and need to hear from us. What is going on? Where do we stand? Where are we going? How do we get there? And most importantly, where do I fit in the picture?

As you may well know, lack of communication may result in concern, worries, frustration and even distraction. Not a good outcome.

Of course we want to keep people informed, the issue often is neglect, too busy (tyranny of the urgent) by the way, watch out for that one, it can be a killer. Simple awareness is the best solution. Keep them informed — keep communicating.  You are the leader, and your opinions, thoughts and ideas are important.