We make decisions all day long. Some are more important than others. Some are “Mission Critical” and have serious consequences. Whatever the case or circumstance may be, there are always consequences with every decision. I’ve learned, the decisions I make today, will determine the stories I tell tomorrow.

Certainly our gut and intuition have a role in decision-making, however, gut and intuition are typically based on our past experiences. That is fine, we just need to be careful with too much emotion clouding our decision. Let’s remember, the emotion of anger is the most prominent emotion of impending good judgment.

The following are some guidelines I use in decision-making. While they are very basic, hopefully you will find them helpful:

  • Maintain a vision of the big picture
  • Gather all relevant information
  • Listen to those closest to the situation
  • Narrow the best options
  • Examine the outcome from each option

Make the decision based on the following:

  • Is it alignment with the mission?
  • How does the decision impact all of the stakeholders?

Obviously being decisive is critical for every leader. Wishy- washy leadership can’t sustain. Let’s all strive for better decision-making