If you Google vision, you will find many resources on how to craft the perfect vision statement. Creating a vision for any organization takes time, effort, and leadership support; but they are essential to the future of any organization.  Here are a few things I think are important to creating a vision.

Your people will never buy-in to your vision until they have bought into you. 
Don’t be naive. Just because you are in charge doesn’t mean you have automatic buy- in. Your leadership must be earned. I have learned there are two aspects people must buy-in: YOUR CHARACTER and YOUR COMPETENCE. In other words: can I trust you? And how will you help me get better?

The vision must be clear, concise, and easy to communicate. 
I don’t suggest a nine-page vision statement and expect your people to jump for joy and high-five all over the place. You should be able to articulate your vision in a few short sentences.

Don’t involve too many people in the vision process. 
I have found that crafting the vision belongs to the executive leadership team. Too many people involved can lead to confusion and possible compromise. The leadership team can take the lead on cascading the vision and getting buy-in from the rest of the organization.

Expect resistance.
Let’s be real, if you craft a bold vision for the future, you will make the entitled and comfortable scared. Be aware, sometimes resistance comes in code. The resisters may not directly approach you, but they may do some subtle things that undermine and sabotage your efforts. Just stay connected, listen, and be aware of what is going on.

In order to set a meaningful vision, as leaders we must be in tune with the aspirations and goals of the people. We must take the vision from ME to WE. Remember, people will support what they are involved in. All the best on your VISIONEERING.