What I have learned to be true over the years is that our people want a better future. They expect their leader(s) to have an image of a better future and the ability to articulate the vision clearly.

The process starts with you — the leader. And the vision begins here with you. As President Harry Truman said, “The Buck Stops here.” So here are some questions to ponder:

  • What do you see for your company, division, or department 3-5 years down the road?
  • You are building something; what does it look like?
  • Is there absolute clarity in your mind?
  • Do you have the resources or the ability to obtain them to create this better future?

Once you have a clear picture and can articulate it, now share it. Live it out. Help your people see themselves and their role in the vision. It can be empowering when your people can see where they fit in the picture. And we know very well when they are empowered, they take ownership, and when they take ownership, better execution happens, and when better execution happens, you get the results you want.

The significant result is now a shared vision. It can be contagious and cascade through the organization. Now that is a positive outcome.

As leaders, we must firmly believe that our people want to be part of something better than the present. We know we can’t predict the future. However, by being intentional and empowering others, we have an opportunity to create a better one. Let’s share it; let’s get them on board and create a better future together.