Commitment is a strong word. It’s a promise, a pledge, a responsibility. As leaders, we make commitments and ask and expect commitments from others.

Well, we all know that we can’t control the behavior of others. For the most part, we can control our behavior. So, the question is, “How is your commitment?”

You have a vision for your company, your division, your department, and your team. Here are some challenging questions for you.

Are you regularly sharing the vision? Do you place your people in the vision? Do they know their role in the vision?

That’s commitment.

You have a mission. Do all your people know the mission? Do your people take ownership of the mission? Do you, as the leader, live and breathe the mission?

They have a better opportunity of owning the mission when they experience you are living it out.

That’s commitment.

Your employees. They require an environment to grow and develop their skills. That will take a commitment to put systems in place for them to shine. It will require you and your leadership team to be invested in them.

That’s commitment

You have customers/clients. They want an experience when they engage with your company. They want to see how you are different from the competition and what
separates you. So the challenging question is, “How committed to differentiation are you?”

Today, I intend to challenge us to be more aware and mindful of our commitments. Yes, we expect them from others; let’s give them back.