If someone were to ask you if your key people knew they were valued by you, how would you answer? I recently asked that question to a business owner and he unequivocally said, “Of course they feel valued.” We took a deeper dive to determine how he was so certain.

Through our discovery, he shamefully admitted he wasn’t connecting with his best like he used to. In fact, he said, “I think I was subconsciously taking them for granted.” He further pointed out he was doing more talking when they met, and probably not as much listening.

Here is what I have learned to be true, embedded deep in our DNA as humans is the desire to feel connected and known. We want to be valued (certainly not taken for granted). Feeling connected is critical for the human soul. Obviously care needs to be taken when creating an atmosphere of connection while maintaining the professional relationship — but it can be done, and the answer in most cases is: ASK MORE QUESTIONS.

Below are some questions you may consider in your one-to-one coaching:

  • What is one frustration you are experiencing?
  • Where are you experiencing the most stress?
  • What can I do to help you accomplish your goals?
  • What do I need to do to communicate more clearly?
  • How are you feeling about work/life balance at this time?
  • What do you feel we should stop doing that is no longer working?

Bottom line, they will feel known and valued, which could result in a better bottom line for the company.