What are you learning?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share some insight on learning and development. I firmly believe that when you’re through learning — you’re through. We must be on a lifelong mission of growth and development.

Working on ourselves should be one of our highest priorities. As we humbly acknowledge our gifts are from God, we in turn have a responsibility to further develop them.

When we grow and develop our leadership skills and knowledge, we are best positioned to influence others. They become the recipient, and they in turn, grow. That is the purpose of leadership: grow and develop more leaders.

American author, speaker and pastor, John Maxwell talks about the Law of Intentionality in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. He points out that growth doesn’t just happen. Many of us have misconceptions about growth that may be holding us back from being as intentional as we should be. He states that these beliefs create “gaps” that can keep us from growing.
They are:

The Assumption Gap: “I assume that I will automatically grow.”
The Knowledge Gap: “I don’t know how to grow.”
The Mistake Gap: “I’m afraid of making mistakes”
The Perfection Gap: “I have to find the best way before I start.”
The Inspiration Gap: “I don’t feel like doing it.”
The Comparison Gap: “Others are better than I am.”
The Expectation Gap: “I thought it would be easier than this.”

The bottom line is, as leaders, we have no choice but to grow and develop for the sake of others. We must be intentional.