Albert Einstein wrote “In the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity.”

Over the years, I have learned this to be true.  However, when you are in the middle of all the “alligators” it is difficult to accept this as truth.

As I write this, the coronovirus has made its way to the United States.  The administration is announcing measures the state and federal governments are going to take to combat the virus.  While these are unprecendented, and uncharted times,  I truly believe there is an opportunity for our team to embrace.

During a season when things aren’t going so well, the leader has to step up. Leaders must radiate positive energy throughout the organization when things are going well, and especially when they are not.

This may be the time to regroup.  Questions need to be addressed.  Such as: do we have the right vision?  How about mission?  We are not executing- why?  Is it people?  Is it systems/processes? Is it environmental? How can we pivot to provide more value to our community, clients, and people?

Your Inner Circle needs to come together and turn the “tables” upside down.  What is going on?  Why is it going on?  If decisions need to be made- they must be made based on principle not popularity.

When adversity presents itself, leadership needs to embrace it and be proactive – it is an opportunity to create a better future.

A careful look at American history will attest to the fact through adversity comes opportunity. Let’s take this time and chart a new path for our people, organization, and communities.  We will come out stronger, more nimble, and more supportive of each other.

Be well.