We all know one critical aspect of building a productive team is the selection of the right talent. Once you believe you have the right person for the opportunity, they intuitively have three questions they want answers to. Keep in mind they may not ask these questions of you directly, but deep down the answers may be deal breakers. The last thing you want is to have the person at risk of walking, especially when you have invested the time to identify the right person for the job.

The questions are:

1. Do you care about me? 
The challenge here for most leaders is how to sincerely demonstrate care. Ask yourself, “Do I really know this person? Do I know their dreams? Do I know their pain? Have I connected with them on an emotional level?” When you are one to one with them, are you doing more talking than listening? Care is demonstrated best when they see you are “all in” on them. Make them feel when you are with them that they are “the most important person in your world” at that time.

2. Can I trust you? 
As a leader we must be consistent in our behavior. I like to say, “I must be predictable.” Trust is breached when our feet go someplace different than our mouth. Remember trust is the currency for a relationship, it is also the currency for leadership–no trust, no leadership–plain and simple. Ask yourself, “Do I follow through consistently?  Am i communicating effectively?”

3. How will you help me?
If you have selected the right person, trust me they want to grow personally and professionally. That truth is fundamental with your leadership. They expect their leader to provide the tools, resources and opportunities to grow. We as leaders must create an environment for growth — programs, resources, recognition, and challenging them to new heights.

I do realize we can’t connect with all of our people at this level. However, in my opinion every person on the leadership team must be developing another team member in this matter. Remember, team members are waiting for the answers to the three questions.