Here is what I have learned to be true, deep down in our DNA as humans is the desire to feel connected and be known. Relationship coach Kyle Benson refers to attunement. That is the desire and willingness for someone to travel into your inner world to explore who you are and who you are becoming…. this connection cultivates trust.

I found that over time every team member will have a challenging season in their life. How we respond as leaders is crucial. Ideally we would like our team members to leave their issues at home. Guess what, in most cases they can’t, somehow their challenges find a way to impact behavior on their daily duties as well as others.

Remember developing a strong connection is the currency for a strong relationship. Key elements for us as leaders is to really listen — and listen with empathy. Here is another thing I have learned to be true, sometimes all a person needs is someone who believes in them and their ability to overcome. Our tendency is often to be the fixer, but maybe the solution is simply to listen, encourage and empower them.

Is there someone on your team who you know needs you to just listen? Seek them out. You never know what you may find.