As a leader, we are members of the supporting cast.

Everyone has a story. John Maxwell talks about a book given to him by one of his mentors called, “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” The book had only blank pages. He was then instructed to fill the pages with intentionality.

It is true, we all have a story. We play a critical role in the story of the people we choose to lead. We are members of the supporting cast. We need to remember it is always their story not ours. We need to connect and support their dreams. We need to see everyone as a “ten”. Those we lead need to see and feel that we believe in them — and that we are committed to helping them become all they dream to be.

People always have a better chance of growing and developing, when those closest to them believe in them. It is our job to help them be in the spotlight — as cast members, we must support the star.