What I know to be true is people are influenced by what you say, and how you make them feel.

If your message and delivery are in sync, others will perceive you as trustworthy, credible, sincere and authentic. When your words match the way you behave, how you look and how you sound, your communication is the total package.
What your listeners hear, see and feel is in harmony, consistency builds trust, which in turn builds influence.

In reading Professor Albert Mehrabian’s work on communication, he states the following “When communication is unclear, when the message and the delivery are inconsistent, we pay more attention to nonverbal cues to interpret the meaning.”

Here are two examples: when a customer service representative answers your call with an annoyed tone and says they will help solve your problem, are you confident they will? When a listener compliments you with an awkward smile and little enthusiasm, do you believe you delivered an effective presentation?

Bottom line is we want our message and delivery to be in sync. When it comes to message vs. delivery – delivery wins every time. This is something to think about the next time you are presenting. If they are not in sync, non verbals will drive your message.