Author Dave Anderson in his book Up Your Business: 7 Steps to Fix, Build, or Stretch Your Organization states: “there is one thing worse than training people and having them leave your organization, it’s not training them and having them stay.”


I believe the most important asset we have is our people.  Let’s call them “Human Capital.”  As a leader we must commit to a process of training, coaching and mentoring our people.


I found it is always a good idea from time to time to evaluate the process — our plan for developing and equipping our people.


As leaders we must INVEST time and money in good people, if we don’t we are likely to lose them (no connection) and we likely deserve to lose them.


In mentoring, it is not necessarily for everyone under your sphere of influence.  It is however, for those you believe to have the most upward mobility.  If you’re going to POUR yourself (invest) in others, do it with those with the best ROI.  This is fundamental, we should know who they are.


Studies have shown the principle reason people leave an organization is to pursue personal growth opportunities.  If we have not invested into the right people, if we have not added value — we are at risk of losing them.