Last week I shared thoughts on what it means to be leading from the front. And this week, I am sharing what it doesn’t.

I have committed the following sins of leadership, and when you are out front, the temptation is there to do so.

Micromanaging: Leading from the front does not mean you become overly involved in the details of what the person is attempting to accomplish. These behaviors can be intimidating and unproductive. If you commit these sins, you may be better off in your office.

Eliminating decision-making power: You cannot grow your people when you do all of the thinking for them. Ask more questions, challenge them to discover solutions, and serve as their thinking partner, not their answering partner. PEOPLE GROWTH = BUSINESS GROWTH.

Don’t forget the other stuff: As leaders, we need to balance priorities and maximize our time. Too much of anything isn’t good (mama taught us that!) In the trenches certainly is required, and so is attention to the other responsibilities.

Being a leader is demanding. If you’re a people person, the trenches are high for you. If you are a hard-driving leader, you likely drift away from the channels. Finding a balance between your natural tendencies and those of your people and the backroom is critical.