Let’s get real: being a leader is not for the weak. When you raised your hand or were asked to step up and lead, you accepted one heck of a challenge. Now might be an excellent time to check in on five critical questions on your leadership.


  • Are you clear on what you stand for?
  • Are you clear on your vision?
  • Are you clear on your strategies and objectives?
  • Have the above been communicated?


  • Are you setting a standard of excellence in all areas of your influence?
  • Are you continually and intentionally learning and growing in leadership skills?
  • Are you continually seeking ways to improve your products and services to customers/clients?


  • Are you committed to the vision?
  • Are you going to be a better listener?
  • Are you committed to people’s growth?


  • Are you open to new ideas?
  • Are you constantly immersed with the HOW? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? to improve in all aspects of the organization/department/company?


  • Are you predictable, reliable, calm in all situations? (especially in the storm)
  • Are you lacking self-discipline that is noticeable?

Now may be a good day to take your leadership check and see how you measure up against the five critical questions.
Make Today Your Masterpiece,