We are all aware of the Robin Hood effect—taking from the rich and giving to the poor, but in business, let’s be sure we are giving our best to the best.

Typically in most businesses, 80% of the results are done by 20% of the people or customers. We call them the Top 20 Club. Where you have to be careful is not to spend too much of your time with the 80% of people who produce only 20%.

As leaders we need to invest our time where we will receive the best ROI on our time. Invest your time by listening to your Top 20. How can you better serve them? What could you and/or the company do more of, less of? What should you start doing?

I have found fair doesn’t mean equal. Companies grow when the key people in the company grow. So when you give your best to your best that is nothing to apologize for. Actually, in my opinion, if you don’t give your best to your best, that is worth apologizing for.

Remember, your best customers, and your best performers, want and deserve to be listened to. Be on purpose to add value to them — that is fair.