“Competitors will eventually copy an innovative idea for a product or service but an organization of highly motivated people is very hard to duplicate,” Bill George.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned over the years that I can’t motivate anyone.  Maybe a short period of time light “a little fire,”  but it generally doesn’t sustain.

I’m reminded of legendary New York Yankee’s manager’s comments when a reporter asked him what his secret was for winning so many World Series.

Great answer: “Have good players.” I’ve found I am a better leader, and a much better coach when I’m working with motivated people.  It’s more fun, more satisfying and results follow.

It all seems to start with who we attract.  Talent trumps most everything else.  I believe we need to commit to attracting and selected people who have  demonstrated a pattern of accomplishments as a result of a motivated driven mindset for achievement.

A motivated team makes for better leadership.

Today you may have an opportunity to attract your next superstar.

Go for it!