Are you an authentic leader?

A good question to ask ourselves from time to time is, “Am I truly an authentic leader?”

I am learning authenticity begins with living out our values. What we truly care about — not just talk about– and living by that code daily is the beginning of being an authentic leader.

I believe our people deserve a leader who is true to what matters most. When we pursue our purpose, we are demonstrating our authenticity.

Most of us have mission statements or purpose statements, and they are likely in writing and prominently displayed in an office or conference room. While a display serves as a strong reminder, what is more important, is having your people see you actually living out your values and purpose.

Whether you’re building a new organization, or leading a seasoned establishment, attraction power is priceless. People join people. Sure, the brand may have some appeal, but inevitably it’s the discussions and experiences they’ve had while spending time with you and your team that makes them decide to join the team.

You need to know why someone would join your organization. What is it about you, and your organization that is attractive?Are you communicating your personal value statement? Your organization’s mission statement? Are your interactions authentic and your delivery is purposeful? Does your team see you as authentic so they can speak with conviction when representing your organization? In this period of reflection, spend some time evaluating your actions. Are you living out your values and purpose?