Developing people and experiencing their growth is genuinely what leadership is about.
I have learned that if people are not growing or developing –there is no success in the
leader. Look at the people-  that is the key indicator of the leader’s success.

Here are some truths and beliefs I hold on to. It is my intention for you to do the

  • Everyone wants to feel worthwhile. Your people want to feel like they belong; they want to feel like you value them. The question is, are they? Only you have the answer.
  • People generally respond to encouragement. “It is the oxygen for the soul.” You can be the real CEO, the Chief Encouragement Officer. Are You? Only you have the answer.
  • People buy into their leader before buying into its vision for the future. They need to know why before they know where you want to take them. And more importantly, why you? Only you have the answer.
  • People want a connection with their leader. They may never ask for it directly. Trust me on this one; the good ones want to be connected. The question is—how connected are you with your best? What do you know about their pain points? Their dreams? Their outside business interests? Only you have the answer.
  • People want to know they have resources for growth and development. Again, they may not ever ask. Frankly, they shouldn’t have to ask. Our job as leaders is to equip them to execute. The question is, are your people fully equipped? Only you have the answer.

The bottom line? People want to be led, not managed.