Timeless Truths

Over the past several months, reflection has become a key part of many of our daily lives. It could be the tumultuous time we’re in, old age, or a combination of both (likely both in my case).

Below are some truths I have learned over the years to help during challenging times:

  • Start each day with a renewed commitment to be passionate about your leadership role. Leadership is a privilege, not a right. It’s a responsibility, a way of life, and not a title.
  • The first person you lead is yourself. We are responsible for our character, our competence and our courage. We can’t delegate those responsibilities to anyone else, nor can we blame anyone other than ourselves when we fall short.
  • Be in love with what you do and the people you serve and lead. Your people know when you are genuine and authentic.
  • Accept failture. We know it is “part of the game.” Don’t be afraid of failure–it’s not permanent. There is always a lesson. I like to refer to it as, “The classroom of the comeback” you see what I am learning is that every setback is nothing but a setup for the comeback. We must learn how to transcribe what we discovered in the “classroom” to become an even better leader.
  • Be aware of  your communication cues: non-verbal, verbal and written. Listening is more important than talking. Lead with your body language and tone (remember, a smile is priceless).