I have a question for you, take a moment and think of a person in history whom you most admire—someone you could imagine following willingly. Who would that person be for you?

I have asked that question countless times in my seminars and workshops. When I ask the follow-up question, “What would make you follow them?” The answers are as follows:

  • “They have strong beliefs.”
  • “They are a person of principle.”
  • “They are passionate about their causes.”
  • “They live out their values.”

Abraham Lincoln said it best, “A good example is worth a thousand sermons.” I know this to be true—so I am reminding all of us who lead people: what you do has more impact on others than all the lectures and speeches we could give. 

  • Leading by example is how you demonstrate that you mean what you say.
  • Leading by example is how you make the vision and values tangible.

You may be thinking, this is common sense. Well, you may be surprised how many leaders I witness underestimate their example in the heat of the battle.

We need to be intentional about our “walking the talk.” We need to be reminded because guess who is watching? Answer—everybody you are leading.