Dear Covid-19,

You arrived like a thief in the night. You are walking around like a roaring lion seeking his prey. It is true, you have had some victories. Our hearts and prayers are with loved ones who are suffering, or have experienced loss. But here is what you must know: YOU JUST WOKE UP THE SLEEPING GIANT.

You see C-19, you have temporarily disrupted our everyday lives, but we have something that will last forever. You may not want to hear about it, but I’ll give it to you anyway. You better be listening. You, ready? Here it comes: you can’t take away our love for each other and our country, or our resilience and our perseverance.

What you did provide us with is an opportunity to love more, learn more, give more, create more, pray more, and spend more time with our family. Thanks for that. You see, you did take away. But you gave us so much more.

Because of you, what was fear, is now a renewed sense of hope, and a positive resolve for a better tomorrow. You see C-19, you may think you are winning, but you are only looking at some stats and reading headlines. What you can’t see is our hearts, the human spirit, and our conviction to not only survive but to thrive. Thanks again C-19.

Yes, you tried to shut us down. Well, that’s not going to work. We have vision, and we have purpose. Nice try, have a nice life.