Recently, I was referred to a CEO by a CEO client of mine. My client has experienced significant business growth in the past two years and mentioned our work to his friend.

We scheduled a “get acquainted “meeting at a coffee shop. Upon questioning him, he clearly stated he wanted to expand and get bigger. He has four retail locations in South Florida and wants 10 in the next three years.

I know I shocked him to pause when I said I don’t believe I’m his person. I pointed out that I don’t work in the “bigger” space but in the better” space.

I further pointed out that if we partnered, the focus would be on improving. Every aspect of the company is on a mission to improve, and I told him directly that getting better starts with him.

He had questions, and we went deeper into what I meant. I explained what we did with his friend (my client) was to examine every department, even if it appeared to be running smoothly. We evaluated every person on his leadership team. What areas do they need to grow in? New knowledge, new skills, improved habits?

Then, a plan was put in place with each department and leadership team member to improve in the next twelve months. Action plans with measurables were in place. Accountability was in motion, and progress was made.

I realize this strategy is basic for some who are reading this, and if that is the case, you are 100% correct. I have learned that basics usually win championships. I have also found many businesses fail to examine their operations carefully. The examination often takes place when there is an issue. So, why not do a check-up occasionally?

The bottom line is that I believe the “secret sauce” is to focus on getting better; Bigger will follow. Where there is Change, there is growth. Where there is growth, there is change, and the” beat goes on.”